January 2019   
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Lay Servant Ministry Blog- by Mary Plock

Greetings! If you have either stumbled upon this blog or have actively sought it out, you must have heard God calling you to serve him and now you are trying to discern what you are to do for him. Please consider serving him through the Certified Lay Servant Ministry program.

In 1 Peter 4, the apostle challenges the church to hospitality then reinforces that challenge with a call to service. He reminds believers that we’ve received gifts for that very purpose, and as we utilize those gifts in serving others we become expressions of God’s grace. It appears from these statements that Peter is giving his readers a glimpse into the realm of spiritual gifts about which Paul wrote in Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12.

Spiritual gifts are the Holy Spirit’s provision for equipping followers of Jesus to help one another. While Paul offers a more extended list of these gifts, Peter compresses them into two basic categories: speaking gifts and serving gifts. Both provide support and resources for hospitality. As we encourage people with the Scriptures and help them by acts of service, the family of God is strengthened and the hurting are helped.

Our focus as the District Team on Lay Servant Ministry is to equip, train, guide and support those who are hearing, and heeding God’s call. One of the courses that we provide to those who are heeding the call is called Rediscovering Your Spiritual Gifts. It is a way for you to explore what unique gifts God has given to you and how you can use them to make disciples for Jesus Christ to transform the world. Visit the Prairie Rivers District website at www.prairieriversdistrict.com or the Great Plains Conference website at www.greatplainesumc.org to find a class available to you or you can take an on-line class through www.beadiscple.com.

We also have a facebook page at Prairie Rivers District Lay Servants. Mary


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